Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#10 Max,@WrestleSubtitle(WWS)on Twitter

Hello all. Ltrain here. This week Ep#10, w/Max @WrestleSubtitle on Twitter. Max is a wrestler in training here in the Pacific Northwest & by his words on Twitter, Stooge for a bunch of places. Max is a super good, super nice guy, passionate about pro wrestling, and also has a passion for subtitles on tv/wrestling. He worked hard to get subtitles on WWE Raw. We talk that, Seattle wrestling, what made him love wrestling, want to be a pro wrestler, and his training. Thanks to Max for the wrestling chat. 

Also want to apologize. On the podcast I called the title Davey Richards won at Defy the ECCW Championship, when in fact it is the CZW Championship. Also at the moment I couldn’t remember Big Jack Cunningham’s 1st name which is Jack. So I am apologizing now to anyone i may have upset with my incorrect comments. LOL!!!! Anyway thanks for tuning in. Stream the show here, or head to Itunes, subscribe, leave a rating, a comment, and have it download to your device. Also Mrs Clams and myself discuss #Defy3. Amazing event!


Author: Ltrain

Pro wrestling junkie, fan, and, podcaster. Pro Wrestling is like nothing else, almost a sickness. Grew up on Portland Wrestling, and NWA(TBS). Me and my wrestling partner in crime Mrs Clams love to watch and talk wrestling! DIG IT!

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