Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#58 w/Michael Huitt @MichaelHuitt21

Big week here at The Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Studios! Proud to announce our 1st ever Sponsor Nacho Mamas! They serve gourmet nachos done right! Thanks to them for joining the family. Listen to Mrs Clams and myself talking about these great nachos and the tasty beverages at No Boat Brewery we had. Then my friend Michael Huitt, Ring Announcer from Prestige Wrestling joins me to chat about and review Prestige 5 that took place in Corvallis, Or. Then we get into the upcoming Prestige 6. Thanks to Michael for coming on and giving us his insight to these great events!

Author: Ltrain

Pro wrestling junkie, fan, and, podcaster. Pro Wrestling is like nothing else, almost a sickness. Grew up on Portland Wrestling, and NWA(TBS). Me and my wrestling partner in crime Mrs Clams love to watch and talk wrestling! DIG IT!

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