Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#60 w/Manny @BeastModeManny Defy Week Special

Yo Yo Yo!!! This weeks podcast is recorded at No Boat Brewery, while eating nachos from . My guest Manny and myself sat down after nachos & beer. Then started shooting the BS about #DefyPDX Defy’s 1st show in Portland. Manny breaks the show down like a pro! We go over the matches and highlights, and the announcement by Swerve! Then we get into this Saturday’s Defy card and make predictions. Then to end the show we chat up Cobra Kai on You Tube! Great podcast! Thanks to Manny! Thanks to No Boat Brewery! Thanks to Nacho Mamas, and thanks to all the listeners for supporting this show! I very much appreciate it! Time to leave the station!

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