Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#62 w/ MV Young @THEonlyMVYoung

Yo to the YO!!! Another great show for you all this week! I talk with a man from the east coast that comes out to Prestige in Hermiston by the name of MV Young @THEonlyMVYoung on Twitter. We start by chatting up Prestige Wrestling @wrestleprestige We talk about his matches with Julian,Bull James and Tom Lawlor. The ladder in the loser leaves Prestige Match. Being into wrestling young, going to Scott Hall, Larry Zybysko wrestling school starting into 2013. His 1st match on Youtube. Training and remembering spots, being frustrated, Mentors in wrestling, VOW Wrestling, Pittsburgh, New York, New Jersey. Bull James Wrestling School. Then we get into NBA and Football, going one on one with Matt Cross in July! Get his shirts at Thanks to MV for his time and amazing chat! , @nachomamasSea @ratleaguextreme

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