Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#76 w/ Pitfall Jones

Yo this week another great show for the people! !st Mrs Clam’s and myself get into what we did for Labor Day Weekend, Driving to Longbeach WA ans back,redoing the decor at the Bigfoot Podcast Headquarters Tiki Style, Watching Starrcast, Monday Night War Debate, Bruce Pritchard Roast, and The Andy Kaufman discussion. Watching #AllIn,  Big Upcoming weekend for Seattle Wresting, and Without a Cause on 10/21/18!! Then Pitfall and I chat Music, Beer, Hobbies other than wrestling. Growing up in Albuquerque ,New Mexico, moving to Florida, soccer, rugby,Monday Night Wars, Disco Inferno, Scott Steiner, Shawn Michaels, DWO, @Dwowresting, Florida, Amsterdam, Moving to Seattle, @321battle show, one week later at training, Gearl Hebner, Daniel Makabe, Max, Steve West & Sonico, Merch & much more! Pitfall is on Facebook and Instagram. @applepodcasts @Stitcher @GooglePlay

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Author: Ltrain

Pro wrestling junkie, fan, and, podcaster. Pro Wrestling is like nothing else, almost a sickness. Grew up on Portland Wrestling, and NWA(TBS). Me and my wrestling partner in crime Mrs Clams love to watch and talk wrestling! DIG IT!

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