Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#79 w/ Nate Andrews @NateAndrews84

What up everybody! Great conversation to share with you this week. First Mrs Clams and myself chat up Nachos, Seahawks, Fantasy football, 321 Battle and upcoming guests. Then I have a great BS session with Nate Andrews @NateAndrews84 on Twitter. We talk about moving from Oregon to Texas, Texas weather, Cowboys vs Texans, Seahawks, he was a fan since his 6 day of life, watching wrestling with his dad, grandma, and aunt. Then we get into Portland Wrestling, being a kid and going to the Portland Sports Arena, being a fan of Playboy Buddy Rose, Art Barr, Grappler and more. Then trained by those same guys, Monday night Wars and DOA Pro Wrestling. He faces Sonico at the 10th Anniversary DOA Show. Apple Music, Google Play, Stitcher..

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Author: Ltrain

Pro wrestling junkie, fan, and, podcaster. Pro Wrestling is like nothing else, almost a sickness. Grew up on Portland Wrestling, and NWA(TBS). Me and my wrestling partner in crime Mrs Clams love to watch and talk wrestling! DIG IT!

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