Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast Ep#86 w/Avispa Dorada @AvispaLuchadora

The Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast has a great show for you this week. She is back for her 2nd appearance here on the podcast , the one the only Avispa Dorada @ AvispaLuchadora on Twitter. Its an honor to have her back. She is down in Mexico City, Mexico living her dream! We have a great chat about beers, dogs, sewing machines, Lucha Libre Volcanica, her journey to Mexico from airplane to training, to debut at CMLL! We also get into her social media and her Patreon account. Give her a follow on Patreon and help her live her dream in Mexico! Big thanks to Avispa Dorada for coming on the show and updating us on her travels.

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Author: Ltrain

Pro wrestling junkie, fan, and, podcaster. Pro Wrestling is like nothing else, almost a sickness. Grew up on Portland Wrestling, and NWA(TBS). Me and my wrestling partner in crime Mrs Clams love to watch and talk wrestling! DIG IT!

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